The Little Prince

A couple of weeks ago while hanging out at Jordan Bent’s place I came across the most fascinating discovery, a book that we both love and use as one of our creative influence, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

It made me understand further why he paints the people in his paintings the way they were portrayed. His paintings and my photography has a very humanistic view of life. I love the little prince and I wish I could be like him and watch sunsets a thousand times in my own little planet while doing chores. It will remind me the beauty of those little things that I appreciate a lot, they have tihs magical essence that never seizes to make me smile.

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4 Responses to “The Little Prince”

  1. maksiba Says:

    I love the little prince too, and I have completely forgotten about him. It is great to be reminded.

  2. threefacelifts Says:

    I have two copies of that book. It almost makes me cry everytime. I was in a theatre production of “Le Petit Prince” as a kid. *sigh* Have you read “Wind, Sand and Stars”? It’s also by St.Exupery. He was a crazy and romantic man… always building things and trying to achieve seemingly impossible goals. i love it. can’t wait to see some more of your work Josan.
    I used to have a photo that Jordan Bent did in my livingroom. a friend of a friend. last time i saw him, he spoke of the way snow falls for a really long time.

  3. Sibila,
    Yeah, the little prince is one of those few characters who’s a comfort to read about. 🙂 I heard you’re not continuing the class anymore 😦 I hope you are alright…..

    I had 2 copies of the book. One I had since I was in the Philippines which I gave to my ex, and the other one I bought from the Emily Carr book sale a year ago (It was a bigger colored version!). It’s one of those few books in my book shelf I browse through ever so often for words of comfort when Im feeling sad or frustrated. I’ve never heard of “Wind, Sand and Stars, and Im intrigued now, because I like crazy and romantic people (not the creepy kind though). And yes, Jordan is an extremely sensitive and sincere chap…. He’s been into theatre production lately, he still exhibits and does paintings, drawings and such, though he is new in theatre and doing them with no money.. they’re beautiful and well-made. They are usually a reflection of the little prince.. I’ll put up photos online of one play I photo documented for him when I get the chance and send you the link. 🙂

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