Josan’s Logo

Three years ago I was in Calgary wandering around China town in the morning with my mom. The old folks there were screaming or saying “Jo-san!” and I kept on glancing thinking my mom or somebody who knows me is calling me. I got weirded out when it seems to consistently happen. “Jo-san!” here, “Jo-san” there “Jo-san….” everywhere! My mom never taught me chinese so I asked in frustration “What the hell is going on? How come everybody seems to know me here, though they’re not acknowledging my presence?”. My mom casually replied “Oh yeah… your name means ‘good morning’ in chinese” Wow. I never knew until 3 years ago.


3 Responses to “Josan’s Logo”

  1. Miss PEPSI Says:

    LOL!!!! oh man ^o^” i didn’t know that

    love ur logo~ it got ur name AND the meaning of ur name πŸ˜€ and It’s so you!! (cuz u got a bright sunny smile, ha ha)

  2. lol, this is really cool. Jo-san!
    This Jo-san is better than last Jo-san, and three Jo-san’s ago was better than the forth Jo-san

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