Found & PostSecrets

My head is overwhelmed with all these photo projects I would like to work around, but I do not know how and when I am able to have the chance to work on them. School projects that needs to be accomplish hurts my head, especially the academic aspect which i required to be taken if  want to graduate with a bachelors degree at Emily Carr University. Theory is good, but it eats up most of the time I would rather be using to work on photo shoots. Ugh! Sucks.

My ambition is being able to come up with a project that STRONGLY EMOTIONALLY RESONATES which progresses into a big a project that gets RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE because of its INSPIRING NATURE to an infinite population like Frank Warren’s PostSecret project (Check out the mini-movie made on how it started HERE)

I Dont Hurt Anymore

I Dont Hurt Anymore



and Davy Rothbart’s FOUND magazine project.

Thankyou for saying yes

Thankyou for saying yes

I am a bit on the depressed side right now…again… I wish I could use the insanely mentally/emotionally insufferable nature of this depression as an inspiration for a good cause like Davy Rothbart  from FOUND Magazine and Frank’s Postsecrets. I am in still in so much pain from all these heartbreaks I’ve underwent. I,  with all sincerity wish I get inspired to vent out all these emotions/energy and create some sort of phenomena out of it.


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