Pictage Pug

June 10, 2009
Elixir @ The Opus Hotel, Yaletown
350 Davie Street

Pictage is a tool/resource access for professional photographers worldwide. For more detailed information about the services they offer to photographers, check out: http://blog.pictage.com/
Pictage is a recognized resource access for professional photographers in the U.S, alongside its other competitions. The concept is still a budding idea in Canada, and they had just introduced the company a couple of months ago. The company decided to bring in Tomas Galass to promote Pictage, either that or he volunteered to promote Pictage in Vancouver.

The meeting at Elixir was very laid back. There was like 10-15 people who came, a lot for a 1st pug meeting, according to Tomas. I was one of the three new ones who came to the pug meeting who wanted to check out further what Pictage was all about & to know more of what the service has to offer. I really like the laid back atmosphere of the meeting. It was like having beer/coffee with a bunch of friends with common interests. Most of them were wedding photographers, a couple are portrait photographers. Photo lingo was babbled all through out the night. The evening was meant soley for Pictage discussion, but we ended up just talking about Pictage for 15 minutes Updates was shared where Tomas told us that there’s a Pictage Conference in New Orleans on November 3-5. All through out the night the conversation was mostly on the networking possibilities & the viral nature of networking sites like facebook & twitter. We leaped from one photo topic to another. I learned about the other competitions of Pictage like SmugMug, the advantages & disadvantages of both services and interfaces. I was informed that SmugMug doesn’t have a good interface. You have to know CSS in order to go about it.

Backing up your drive was very informational for me and I appreciated learning about it from our discussions. I learned that DROBO (which made me think of this Filipino food, adobo whenever it was mentioned in the conversation 😛 It tickled my senses. Hehe!) is not recommendable, because it’s too pricey. They recommended that it’s always good to have 3 back-ups of the files: On-site, Off-site and one on a Digital railroad/cloud (I’m still unfamiliar with the concept). ‘m intrigued by these back up folders they talked about called “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “Super Dooper” there are other kinds of folders, but these are the most popular ones. They were talking about wedding forums and one of them mentioned that he paid a subscription to one called WFP, and Tomas shared that he prefers being on the look out on free sites. Why spend money when there’s lots of free information on the web? Why spend money on a forum that you wouldn’t have much time reading over, because of the busy schedule wedding photographers’ usually have.

It was really nice being around established photographers that night. I appreciated the fact that Tomas did not come out evangelical on us about Pictage. We were actually comparing its advantages & disadvantages alongside other similar service by different companies. He was very respectful about the different opinions presented by the dynamic group of photographers, and he opened up good questions that did not make me feel uncomfortable. Especially because, as how it usually is in these kind of meetings, I seem to be the youngest (youngest looking :P) in the group. Tomas even told me that if I ever decide not to pursue being part of the Pictage family, I should still go to the monthly Pictage pug meetings, so that I have some sort of mini-community I could go too, where we could just hang out & talk about technical photography stuff. That was so nice of him, and I can imagine myself coming back to hang out with the troop every month if my availability allows it on the scheduled meetings.


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