One World Exhibit at Science World

Yesterday was the 1st time I’ve had an art show & my own booth in a big venue. My warm and sincere thank you to my house mate Suzanne Glick who put up my entire booth together and my printer guy Jerome  for the printing and who helped haul my stuff and put plastic sleeves on my postcards for the last minute needed setup help for the show. My booth was beautiful for a first timer boother. I’m confident to say that I could be judged as one of the top 5 artist representation in the show  🙂 I am very proud of my setup, though i would have much have love the gypsy booth fantasy me and Suzanne were suppose to go for earlier on. I received a lot of positive feedback on my underwater people photographs from onlookers, both artists and appreciators of art. Of course it cannot be avoided receiving disgusted/wrinkly looks from conventional folks, because of the provocative nature of some of my images. It was good marketing/exposure for me and other artists, but it wasn’t organized well It is okay though, because the organizer are new at setting up art shows and they are just learning the tricks of the trade. Most art/trade shows usually guarantee at least 2 free compensation tickets for the exhibiting artist’s guests. We, artists had to let all our invited guests buy tickets. I ended up buying 3 tickets to have guests over, which was a bummer especially since I wasn’t even able to earn enough to cover the artist fee that all the artists had to pay to be in the show. The security and most of the volunteers weren’t reliable. Then again their volunteers, so you really can’t expect much from them. It was just annoying because when I got into Science World, I had an idea of where my location was, but not really sure where specifically it was. I asked a volunteer where it was and she’s this chick who was wearing a skimpy mini skirt, ultra high pointy heels and plunging neckline. She looked at me clueless, then ran around without going to far like a headless chicken asking other potential volunteers what I just asked her. I was a bit annoyed, since I had people waiting for me outside. Their were a few awesome volunteers though, like this oober nice guy named Marty, who got my back, since I was literally on my own when Suzanne left. I appreciate the fact that  at the end of the show when we had to pack up and haul our stuff out of Science World before 1:30 am Marty was there to help me carry my loadful of things. There was also one of the unknown artist’s guest who kept going back and forth my booth and complimenting my work, who saw me struggling to carry all my stuff at the end of the night who helped out…happily 😛 I forgot his name, but he was wearing this fun Vegas looking polo shirt, thank you Vegas polo shirted stranger! :). I got home safe to North Van after tons of calls to different taxi companies who didn’t want to take me in. It was soOoo frustrating! It must have been because of the time of the call or the fact that taking me involves hauling 3 big heavy tables and a loadful of other stuff. Well Vancouver taxi took me in, though I had to pay $20.00 extra for the load, but it was okay, at least I got home safe and I got a really nice cab driver.. The other taxi companies like Yellow Cab was asking $15 extra, but was ultra rude to me.  Anyway, that’s about it. I sold a couple of cards and one-of-a-kind mini art collage pieces, which I was thrilled to learn has a demand in the market. My goal now is to gather the courage to go to mini-galleries & stores selling local goods in Main Street and Commercial Drive area, because I am overwhelmed by the requests on my postcards, and due to my lack of driving skills I can’t really drive around Vancouver yet to bring in individual orders around the city.

Proud of my underwater photos

My canvas prints and postcards

Zoomed out view of my booth

Ted Lederer & me


One Response to “One World Exhibit at Science World”

  1. Congratulations – I hope it was a successful show for you!

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