I dream of the day I can do this… in Vancouver

I fantasize of my own photography studio with an indoor pool/aquarium and a retractable skylight. I wonder when, where and how thou art the day I actualize this fantasy in the Vancouver fine art photography/fashion scene *sigh* My heart aches for such a desire that seems so unreachable for a beautiful underwater photography skill I have self-taught  myself using limited resources in a city that doesn’t have access to photography gear for such a niche full of opportunities!

Nadia Moro of Milan is considered the trendiest underwater fashion photographer right now.

Here is a look on the main inspiration of my underwater explorations, the phenomenal internationally known Howard Schatz of New York!

And the humble Jolene Monheim whose underwater images exude a spiritual essence to it. My sincere thank you to her for the technical advices, though I’m a stranger to her. She responded to all my questions and emails. I don’t know her personally, but the beautiful images and poetry in her underwater photographs were just pure loveliness and emotions that I resonate with.

Me ache and yearn so bad, it’s funny coz it’s not even funny…


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