A spotlight on photographer Drew Gardener and Del Sol duo

A spotlight on photographer Drew Gardener and his use of Ranger elinchrome strobe lights in full day light. I looked up where you can purchase them in Canada and you can only get them in Toronto, none in Vancouver šŸ˜¦ They are mighty expensive too ranging from $1800-$3000 Canadian. Apparently according to Mr. Strobist, it is a better purchase compared to the Profoto 7B since it has better watts per second when it comes to on-location photo shoots. If I have the money to spend after my underwater photography gear (which I havent purchased yet due to financial budgets), I want to invest on these big guns, the updated Ranger RX Speeds.

Next on the spotlight is the awesome Del Sol husband and wife duo for their underwater wedding coverages. I am in the process of saving up for a Canon 5D Mark II which Im thinking of getting from Leos Camera (unless someon knows of a better location with a better deal to purchase it from while having good warranty access) and an Ikelite housing for the camera. When I have done that I would like to invest on an ultra wide angle lense like the one the Del Sol crew is using for this shoot.

Softboxes I’m looking at: Elemental, Lastolite

Photoshop tutorials to check out: Dustin Snipes, Scott Kelby

Web randoms:

Geeky thing I want for my birthday šŸ˜› lol ~ Imagelab instant slide scanner

Mockery of French Canadians accent ~ Tetes a Claques


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