Mexico Evening 1 (June 20): Solstice Celebration at the Mayan Riviera with locals & hippies

I found the Solstice celebration at Sacbe, such a holistic experience. The atmosphere just had that feeling of home. I was really exhausted from lack of sleep from the trip, but I was so stoked when Les told me that  there was going to be lots of hippies, artsy peeps and yogis in the event. La vie boheme! 😀

I wasn’t really expecting much, but at the end of the evening, my jaws dropped from the amazing performances by the artists part of the show. I was fascianted by the wide range of talents and the performers ability to multi-task one talent with another.

One of the performances was a group of ladies & later on men playing the drums while dancing. The original video wasn’t as dark as it got converted in youtube so you can’t really see the other drummers in the background. It was awesome, because there was a live flute musician playing in the background, the music by the flutist was so beautiful. 🙂

Mayan drummer

These masked drummers below were the ones behind the ladies in the youtube performance. The 3 sets of drumming performances presented in the show were authentic Mayan performance, and it felt special to be introduced to the Mayan performance art through these drumming performances 🙂 since I enjoy dance meditation facilitated by spiritual native drummers in Vancouver.

Girls drumming

The drumming performance was ended by a Mayan drummer who played drums on fire, before the fire dancers  presented their stunt.

Fire drummer

I got so mesmerized by the first fire dancer that I forgot to make some photos, but I did take some photos of the 2nd fire dancer and some videos of the other fire dancers.

Fire dancer # 2

There were four fire dancers who performed during the Solstice celebration. I have a few videos of them. Here are some of them.


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