Yoga and The Beatles

I was in one of those blind dates two weeks ago (Sept 4, 2010 Sunday), where the guy & I were talking about our favorite kinda music. And I shared with him that I loved the Beatles. I told him that I can listen to the Beatles over and over again and not get sick of them. I was obsessed with the Beatles music. He told me that The Beatles music was actually inspired by Eastern culture, especially the song “Here Comes the Sun“. I found that fascinating. I didnt know that. I had the urge to share these fact with you guys, especially after I came across one of the articles in my yoga readings for the teacher training by Michael Stone. He mentioned that one of the people who inspired him to do yoga is his schizophrenic uncle who loved listening to the Beatles too, because “they  were studying with Maharishi Mahesh who was exposed to the teachings of non-duality”. For a detailed account of their yogic exploration you can read through Janel Chatraw’s article. It’s pretty fascinating how the Beatles actually contributed in bringing yoga to the Western world. There were conflicts that took place between the Beatles and their influential yoga mentors resulting to the Beatles quitting the ashram, here is an article on the controversy. If you were wondering what happened to the blind date guy.. it didnt work out. I learned a lot from him within the two times we hanged out though. Amidst me and the guy’s differences that drove us to the conclusion that it wasnt gona work, we have some similar interests that I almost forgot about that he reminded me of. He loved the 1970s movie “Harold and Maude”, which was also a movie recommended by my yoga mentor. He also shared with me this awesome trivia fact that I didnt know about the Beatles! The funny part about dating him was he was a childhood friend of one of my yoga classmates who kept me company a couple of times when I was house sitting for my yoga mentor. When he mentioned her name on our first date, I awkwardly blurted out “What… you seriously know her?! Im sleeping in the same bed with her right now!” lol. Poor guy, I got the scoop about him from not only one, but two of my yoga classmates who were his childhood friends! Oh the sense of humor of a small world.


One Response to “Yoga and The Beatles”

  1. Haha funny story! Love The Beatles too 🙂

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