My name is Josan Pinon. I am a graduate from Emily Carr University. My area of interest is portraiture & fine art photography. I am still exploring and experimenting around with different photographic categories. I was told that some of my photos reference 1940’s-1950’s Japanese photography. I am fascinated knowing that my style is seen as an orientalist driven body of work. I like to experiment with different photographic processes and I enjoy playing around the different techniques in photography, both through the camera and the darkroom and now also digitally. I am more driven when required to work with my hands, and I enjoy process a lot. For me photography is like cooking, there are many ways of handling the ingredients provided/made available and one can expect interesting outcomes. I also like doing photo tableaux, and I create these staged photographs as a means of expression. My style has a very humanist approach.

With writing, I am more into journalistic free flow writing or verbal vomit. I struggle a lot with writing, especially academic writing. In order to be successful, it takes a lot of motivation/effort/concentration for me to do so. I tend to have issues with my use of syntax, and people who volunteers to proof read my writings notices that my writing technique is very Latin based. I’ll have to humbly admit that writing academic essays tend to be one of my weaknesses.


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  1. Hi: This is very industrial but thought I would share the link and say Hi. The first is above and second is below.

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