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Fraudographer alert!

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Beware of Groupon deals like this fraudphotographer, Dana Dawes. :S It’s really disturbing that she has the nerve to rip money off people by creating a fake website and stealing other professional photographers work and claiming it as her own.

More blogs discusses her fraud:

Her site before deleting the stolen images:…

More online info about her ->


Etsy tips from etsy blogs. Blurb tips from lurb bloggers

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Etsy blogger Cindy Lou on How to get buyers to buy from your etsy online gallery through google analytics

Also Etsy seller Analiyese on more Etsy tips and more

Photo tips in etsy Before & after photos of products

Quit your day job tips from RedRubyRose

Quit your day job series

Blurb on a winning book

Adobe Lightroom

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After that workshop with Carlo, I was intrigued by the Adobe Lightroom he briefly mentioned. I downloaded a trial version and checked it out at a Mac shop. I thought it was a really cool software. You can edit the color tones of your image to the littlest details. It’s time consuming, yet it works. But for $375, you could get the same effects (without as much control as Lightroom though) in scanner softwares and plug-ins either for free or cheaper.

P.S: Nothing still beats taking good photos and doing just a little bit of editing in photoshop/lightroom. Most photos I took for this project are under crappy lighting (very tungsten) and when I corrected them in the softwares, it became grainy